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From Mark Eramo <>
Subject Re: Changing the working rirectory sub folder names
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 14:19:38 GMT
I wanted to use something else so that if I have to go to the actual 
build directory itself to get artifacts, I do not have to search through 
different folders. For example, with a typical build, I may have to 
deploy some xml files. I suppose I can just use Continuum to get all the 
files I need.

Multiple branches of will be maintained by version. For example, 1.1, 
1.2, 1.3, etc so I wanted to simply name the directory foo versus foo-1.1

Thanks for the info.


Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
> Mark Eramo a écrit :
>> Hello,
>>  I was wondering, does anyone know if there is a way to set the names 
>> of the folders that hold the build output?
> no, the folder name is the project id and can't be modified actually.
> Why do you want to use something else?
>> For example, in the Configuration section, I set the Working 
>> Directory to: */home/build/builds*
>> If I build project *foo*, the output of this directory goes into: 
>> */home/build/builds/1
>> *I would like it to go into: */home/build/builds/foo
>> *Is there a setting somewhere that will allow me to for example, use 
>> the Maven2 articaftId as the folder name or to somehow set it per 
>> project?
> no. In the development process, the artifactId can be changed so I 
> think it's better to be independant of it.
> How will you resolve multiple branches of the same project if you use it?
> artifactId is a maven thing but Continuum support ant and shell script 
> projectsthat don't have an artifactId.
> Emmanuel

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