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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: writing a notifier
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 07:15:03 GMT

Michael Masters a écrit :
> I've looked at JabberContinuumNotifier and I have some questions on how 
> I create my own notifier.
> 1. Once I write my notifier by extending AbstractContinuumNotifier, how 
> do I install it. In other words, where do I put it the class file? Can I 
> jar up all my classes and place them somewhere?

To build your notifier, run 'mvn clean install' on your notifier project to create the jar
then put it under apps/continuum/webapp/WEB-INF/lib/

> 2. Can someone explain how I am suppose to configure my notifier in 
> apps/continuum/conf/application.xml?

> * It looks like the <requirement> tag is suppose to define some classes 
> that my notifier is dependent on. Is this true?

If you have some requirement in your class like 'ConfiguredService' declared like that in
jabber notifier class:
      * @plexus.requirement
     private ConfigurationService configurationService;
you must add it in the <requirement> tag in application.xml, so plexus will set and
initialize configurationService automatically.
> * What's allowed in the <configuration> tag? For example, I need things 
> like login ID, password, and URL to configure the notifier. I assume I 
> add tags for this in  <configuration>. Is this true? If so, then how do 
> I get to this information from my notifier?

The configuration part is to initialize your notifier when it is created by plexus. If in
your configuration, you add <password>myPassword</password>, plexus will initialize
the private password field 
in your class automatically.

Plexus site:

If you want to use your notifier from the UI, you'll need to add some new JSPs in the webapp
and modify some other to add your notifier.


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