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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: ?Project build start & successful build finish hooks?
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2007 09:19:00 GMT

jep a écrit :
> I am in the process of converting a large project from 
> Subversion/Ant/CruiseControl to Subversion/Maven/Continuum(1.1-beta-2).

1.1-beta-3 is released.

> One of the things done on the CruiseControl machine is to restore a 
> database to a known state before the build starts (so the integration 
> tests run during the build start with a known state, and it is only done 
> once per build for performance reasons).
> Another thing done currently, is that if the build is successful, then a 
> Subversion copy of the source tree is saved as the last known successful 
> build (from which tags and branches are created when needed).
> Under Continuum, is there a prescribed way to perform such one time, 
> pre- and post-build work? I have currently placed the pre-build work in 
> the 'root' pom.xml file (is there a better way?), but haven't figured 
> how to gain control after a build completes and test if was successful 
> and perform the svn copy.

Actually, it isn't possible to add pre-post actions in continuum. We'll add this feature in
a future version with some continuum plugins. For the moment, the best way is to add some
maven plugins 
attached to the maven phases in your pom. If you don't want those plugins in your dev builds
but only in CI builds, put them in a profile activated only in Continuum


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