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From Eric D Nielsen <niels...@MIT.EDU>
Subject Re: Multiple scheduled builds on the same project...
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2007 14:14:19 GMT
> With the latest 1.1 beta (1.1-beta-4), you don't need to run a clean
> build with a checkout.  All build definitions are independant and
> found all changes from other builds since last execution even if
> the update return nothing.
Thanks.  I'll update ASAP and see how it goes.

> We'll try to find a solution for this in 1.2, but your 2 nightly
> builddef "clean install" + "site site:deploy" can be rewrite with
> one builddef "clean install site-deploy"

I have the same issue as Tonda,  I want the site built and deployed,
even if the build fails -- for instance I want the new Surefire report
and the new Cobertura report to be deployed.  (For instance if a
cobertura check test or unit test failed, that should be reflected on the

I'm almost tempted to add the project multiple times to the project group,
but I'm not sure how "legit" that would be.  Ie if I could add the project
  Instance A: With the Unit/Integration Test builds
  Instance B: Nightly Builds
  Instance C: Site Builds

Of course there's no way of giving a project an alias, or alternate description
from whats in the POM, so that would get confusing fast.  On the upside, it
would also separate the nearly always successful site builds from masking a
failed nightly build.

I could do the same with three different project groups... all containing the
same project...  Are any of these options more normal for people's continuum


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