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From jmartin <>
Subject Re: running build targets even when repository code is unchanged?
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2007 17:23:47 GMT

1.0.3, so i'll give that a shot, it sounds like what i'm looking for. 

Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
> What is your Continuum version?
> With Continuum 1.1-beta-3, you can run nightly builds with Build
> Fresh/Always build fields in build definitions.
> Emmanuel
> jmartin a écrit :
>> Apologies if this has already been answered.  I searched the forums (and
>> the
>> web in general) as well as reading through what Continuum documentation I
>> could find, but I was unable to figure this out.
>> Is it possible to have Continuum run scheduled build targets regardless
>> of
>> whether the project under which the build target resides has changed?  As
>> far as I can tell, Continuum will only run scheduled build targets when
>> files in the repository for the project have been updated (e.g., by
>> adding
>> or committing code in CVS).  This works fine for most of our stuff,
>> specifically where the project specified in Continuum is also the project
>> that we want to deploy.
>> However, we have two instances where the code in the repository specified
>> for the Continuum project may change infrequently, despite needing to
>> have
>> the associated build targets run on a nightly basis.  In one case, we're
>> trying to push some code on a nightly basis to development servers, but
>> the
>> project specified in Continuum is a package of shell scripts that doesn't
>> change often (one of the scripts in question is what does the nightly
>> push). 
>> In the other case, we want Continuum to trigger an Ant target to perform
>> nightly test harness runs (the test harness code tends to change much
>> less
>> frequently than the application code that's being tested).
>> I could just do this directly with cron jobs and another wrapper script
>> for
>> the nightly tests, but having the web interface of Continuum is nice,
>> especially since it would allow the non-developers on our team to easily
>> and
>> safely push newly checked in code or run the test suite without having to
>> worry about pulling up a terminal and running the scripts themselves.
>> Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks very much...
>>   -john

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