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From jmartin <>
Subject running build targets even when repository code is unchanged?
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2007 01:28:25 GMT

Apologies if this has already been answered.  I searched the forums (and the
web in general) as well as reading through what Continuum documentation I
could find, but I was unable to figure this out.

Is it possible to have Continuum run scheduled build targets regardless of
whether the project under which the build target resides has changed?  As
far as I can tell, Continuum will only run scheduled build targets when
files in the repository for the project have been updated (e.g., by adding
or committing code in CVS).  This works fine for most of our stuff,
specifically where the project specified in Continuum is also the project
that we want to deploy.

However, we have two instances where the code in the repository specified
for the Continuum project may change infrequently, despite needing to have
the associated build targets run on a nightly basis.  In one case, we're
trying to push some code on a nightly basis to development servers, but the
project specified in Continuum is a package of shell scripts that doesn't
change often (one of the scripts in question is what does the nightly push). 
In the other case, we want Continuum to trigger an Ant target to perform
nightly test harness runs (the test harness code tends to change much less
frequently than the application code that's being tested).

I could just do this directly with cron jobs and another wrapper script for
the nightly tests, but having the web interface of Continuum is nice,
especially since it would allow the non-developers on our team to easily and
safely push newly checked in code or run the test suite without having to
worry about pulling up a terminal and running the scripts themselves.

Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks very much...

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