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From noon <>
Subject Re: Maven2 SNAPSHOT-artifacts in Continuum
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 17:17:57 GMT

I knew it... once I decided to post something, I come up with something :)

I got it working by adding the -U argument to the Maven goal attributes
(goals: mvn clean test  arguments: --batch-mode --non-recursive -U).

I haven't figured out why I need to add this -U argument? Is it because
Continuum refreshes the SNAPSHOT versions is some period of time or
something else?

noon wrote:
> After googling around without finding a proper solution I decided to post
> a message in here.
> I'm trying to use Maven2 SNAPSHOT-versions during the development phase
> where my webapp Maven2 project dependes on another Maven2 project's JAR.
> When I deploy the SNAPSHOT JAR to Maven2 repository, it will be named e.g.
> "myartifact-1.0-20071003.094654-1.jar" (this is the dependency that my
> webapp uses). 
> Using SNAPSHOT versions locally works just perfectly. Oh and I use "mvn
> clean deploy" goals to deploy artifacts to the Maven repository.
> As a CI tool we're using Continuum (1.0.3). OK, after first SNAPSHOT
> release Continuum works perfectly with the webapp but when I redeploy the
> SNAPSHOT to Maven2 repository the deployed JAR will be named like
> "myartifact-1.0-20071003.xxxxxx-2.jar" where the "xxxxxx" is some sort of
> time stamp and "-2" is the build number, right? Sofar so good... However,
> Continuum still uses the first SNAPSHOT version. Here's an excerpt from
> Continuum build log: "resolved to version 1.0-20071003.094654-1". It never
> uses any later deployed versions.
> Am I missing something or am I doing this SNAPSHOT releaseasing right?
> Thanks :)

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