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From Michael Masters <>
Subject writing a notifier
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2007 23:31:32 GMT
I've looked at JabberContinuumNotifier and I have some questions on  
how I create my own notifier.

1. Once I write my notifier by extending AbstractContinuumNotifier,  
how do I install it. In other words, where do I put it the class  
file? Can I jar up all my classes and place them somewhere?

2. Can someone explain how I am suppose to configure my notifier in  

* It looks like the <requirement> tag is suppose to define some  
classes that my notifier is dependent on. Is this true?

* What's allowed in the <configuration> tag? For example, I need  
things like login ID, password, and URL to configure the notifier. I  
assume I add tags for this in  <configuration>. Is this true? If so,  
then how do I get to this information from my notifier?

Thanks in advance,
Michael Masters

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