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From "Damien Lecan">
Subject Re: When builds are done in multi-module projects ?
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 14:45:08 GMT
> > Strange empty line after update
> the cvs provider doesn't analyze lines with less than 3 characters.
> when you run cvs with the continuum user, what is the output language? english, french...

[tomcat@ci 1]$ cvs --help
Usage: cvs [cvs-options] command [command-options-and-arguments]
  where cvs-options are -q, -n, etc.

tomcat is system account which launches Tomcat app server.

I will reinit all my Continuum instance (fresh database, fresh
checkout), activate scm debug and see what happen later.

I will plan 2 build definitions :
 1. run clean deploy every even hours
 2. run clean deploy site-deploy every odd hours


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