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From "Damien Lecan">
Subject Re: When builds are done in multi-module projects ?
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 12:15:21 GMT
> You probably have some generated files that aren't in .cvsignore (maybe target)

Confirmed : nothing at all
[robot@ci 1] cvs status 2>&1 | grep "Status:" | awk '{print $4}' | uniq

> If you turn on the log level of org.apache.maven.scm to DEBUG
> (maybe org.apache.maven), you'll can see files in logs

There is nothing special to see with SCM in DEBUG logs.

I have just found this bug :

I have exactly the same use case, except that continuum builds almost
all the time my project, ie even if there is no modification at all.

My use case :

I have two build definitions in a group:

   1. run clean deploy every 4 hours (default)
   2. run clean deploy site-deploy every day at 2AM

The first one detects real updates from CVS, no problem with it.
But the second one sometimes detects unreal modifications.

More, I made a test with my build definitions :

  1. run clean deploy at 13:00:00
  2. run clean deploy site-deploy at 13:15:00

build #1 wrote for each sub-project :
Merging SCM results
The project was not built because no changes were detected in sources
since the last build.
No changes, not building

10 minutes later, no change in CVS, but build #2 wrote :
Merging SCM results
Changes found, building
Performing action update-project-from-working-directory
Updating project 'My Sub-Project3' from checkout.

I confirm : nothing was commited between the 2 executions

How is this possible ?
Something may be wrong when 2 build definitions for the same group are used ?


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