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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Re: Continuum Build Reporting
Date Sat, 01 Sep 2007 17:42:33 GMT
On 9/1/07, Morgovsky, Alexander (US - Glen Mills)
<> wrote:

> What is the best practice of reporting on Continuum builds?  I am
> interesting in calculating the average of builds per project group, the
> average success rate, and the average build time.  Is there a plugin for
> this?  If not, what tables in the database should I query for this
> information?  Thank you.

I haven't heard of anyone doing this yet.  We've talked about using
Datavision for Archiva reporting, not sure how that would play in
here.  IIRC, Cruise Control shows a graph of build failures over time.

Yesterday Jesse pointed me at sql-squirrel, and it provided a quick
way to connect to the embedded database (shut down Continuum and make
a copy of it) explore the structure and do some queries.


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