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From jep <>
Subject ?Project build start & successful build finish hooks?
Date Sun, 30 Sep 2007 20:17:00 GMT
I am in the process of converting a large project from 
Subversion/Ant/CruiseControl to Subversion/Maven/Continuum(1.1-beta-2).

One of the things done on the CruiseControl machine is to restore a 
database to a known state before the build starts (so the integration 
tests run during the build start with a known state, and it is only done 
once per build for performance reasons).

Another thing done currently, is that if the build is successful, then a 
Subversion copy of the source tree is saved as the last known successful 
build (from which tags and branches are created when needed).

Under Continuum, is there a prescribed way to perform such one time, 
pre- and post-build work? I have currently placed the pre-build work in 
the 'root' pom.xml file (is there a better way?), but haven't figured 
how to gain control after a build completes and test if was successful 
and perform the svn copy.


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