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From Nick Stolwijk <>
Subject Re: svn: Directory 'target\.svn' containing working copy admin area is missing
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2007 14:58:55 GMT
I think you're on the good way, but not to the end.

1. Did you actually remove all the "target" folders? (svn rm target)
2. Did you actually check in the removal and the propset
     "svn stat target" should give:
target:  (Not a versioned resource)

So this are real repository changes, not only in your local (or 
continuums) working copy! Everything under target should never get into 
your source repository.

My svn:ignore property on the root of a Maven 2 project or module mostly 
look like this:



Nick Stolwijk

Raffaele wrote:
> Thanks but it doesn't works!
> I tried also to restart Continuum...
> I have executed the following command starting from each directory of my
> modules containing the "target" directory:
> svn propedit svn:ignore "directory"
> then it opens a editor where I write "target" as pattern to ignore.
> In fact if I list the properties I see correctly my ignore list set.
> whew!
> Thanks in advance.
> Raffaele
> Nick Stolwijk-3 wrote:
>> You should remove the target folder from your subversion repository and 
>> ignore it by setting svn:ignore on the parent folder. That folder should 
>> not be in version control, because it is a working area and will be 
>> deleted by a mvn clean.
>> Hth,
>> Nick Stolwijk
>> Raffaele wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I'm following the example in chapter 7 of Better Builds with Maven, that
>>> is
>>> the example to use Continuum for the first time.
>>> I  was able to add example project to Continuum and to launch the build
>>> process that successfully send me also the mails.
>>> Nevertheless I obtain some build error...I saw in " Build result for my
>>> project" that there was the following error:
>>> Provider message: The svn command failed.
>>> Command output: 
>>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> svn: Directory 'target\.svn' containing working copy admin area is
>>> missing
>>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> Perhaps that problem occurs when some folder and/or files are not
>>> committed
>>> and so the .svn folder doesn't exist?
>>> What do you think?
>>> What else could be?
>>> Thanks in advance,
>>> best regards.
>>> Raffaele

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