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From Raffaele <>
Subject Re: svn: Directory 'target\.svn' containing working copy admin area is missing
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2007 14:46:44 GMT

I believe perhaps the problem is in the continuum working
the target folder was versioned despite I put it in the ignore list....
but I'm new to Continuum and so I stop the service, I cleaned the
C:\continuum-1.1-alpha-2\apps\continuum\webapp\WEB-INF\working-directory and
I restart Continuum.
Now I see that the target folder in that last location isn't verisioned, I
hope now it works....

Thanks again

Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
> You can see all files/directories that aren't svn files and not in
> svn:ignores by running "svn st"
> Emmanuel
> Raffaele a écrit :
>> Thanks but it doesn't works!
>> I tried also to restart Continuum...
>> I have executed the following command starting from each directory of my
>> modules containing the "target" directory:
>> svn propedit svn:ignore "directory"
>> then it opens a editor where I write "target" as pattern to ignore.
>> In fact if I list the properties I see correctly my ignore list set.
>> whew!
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Raffaele
>> Nick Stolwijk-3 wrote:
>>> You should remove the target folder from your subversion repository and 
>>> ignore it by setting svn:ignore on the parent folder. That folder should 
>>> not be in version control, because it is a working area and will be 
>>> deleted by a mvn clean.
>>> Hth,
>>> Nick Stolwijk
>>> Raffaele wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> I'm following the example in chapter 7 of Better Builds with Maven,
>>>> that
>>>> is
>>>> the example to use Continuum for the first time.
>>>> I  was able to add example project to Continuum and to launch the build
>>>> process that successfully send me also the mails.
>>>> Nevertheless I obtain some build error...I saw in " Build result for my
>>>> project" that there was the following error:
>>>> Provider message: The svn command failed.
>>>> Command output: 
>>>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>> svn: Directory 'target\.svn' containing working copy admin area is
>>>> missing
>>>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>> Perhaps that problem occurs when some folder and/or files are not
>>>> committed
>>>> and so the .svn folder doesn't exist?
>>>> What do you think?
>>>> What else could be?
>>>> Thanks in advance,
>>>> best regards.
>>>> Raffaele

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