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From Justin Deoliveira <>
Subject java 4 vs java 5 build profile issues
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 15:21:49 GMT
Hi all,

I am using continuum-1.1-beta2 to build two branches of a project. One
branch requires java 4 to build, and the other branch requires java 5.
If I try to build the java 4 branch with java 5 i get test failures.
Both projects use maven 2.0.6 to build.

So... I have set up two build profiles accordingly and linked the
projects accordingly. However when I try to build the java 4 branch I
get the same test failures I do as when I try to build it with java 5.

The build report I get back reports that the 1.4 jdk is indeed being
used. However if I build the project "manually" with the same 1.4 jdk
(ie, not through continuum) it works ok.

Could I be running into class loader or vm forking issues? I have tried
to play with the maven settings for running the tests like forking a new
vm process per test but it does not appear to have an impact.

So... anyone have any ideas? I can make the continuum instance available
if that helps.

Many thanks,


Justin Deoliveira
The Open Planning Project

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