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From "Morgovsky, Alexander \(US - Glen Mills\)" <>
Subject RE: 1.1-alpha-beta questions
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2007 00:58:29 GMT
Yes, I expected the order to be the same as if I were running the build
of the parent project from command-line.  However, some of the projects
were not built in the expected order.  As for the Java part, I set my
JAVA_HOME to the JDK installation directory.  Is there a specific
version of Java 1.5 I may use for 1.1-beta-1 to work?  Thank you. 

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From: Brett Porter [] 
Sent: Sunday, August 05, 2007 5:21 PM
Subject: Re: 1.1-alpha-beta questions

On 06/08/07, Morgovsky, Alexander (US - Glen Mills)
<> wrote:
> What is the "fresh build" option?

Clean check out from SCM

> What is the "release" option?

Uses the Maven release plugin's technology to do a web based release
from SCM (tag, build, update POMs).

> I was successfully able to install 1.1-alpha-1, and I saw an issue
> I tried to build the group with all the modules, the modules were not
> built according to the order defined in the parent POM.  Is this issue
> fixed in 1.1-beta-1?

They are built in the reactor (dependency) order - is that not what
you'd expect?

> I tried installing 1.1-beta-1, but the service could not find
> in the Java 1.5 version 12 installation.  Which version of Java 1.5
> should I install for 1.1-beta-1?

I've never seen that before - is your JAVA_HOME set to JDK or JRE?

- Brett 

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