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From "Christophe Lechenne" <>
Subject Projects dependencies and mail notifiers
Date Thu, 26 Jul 2007 06:34:48 GMT
Hi all,

I'm testing this feature on 1.1 version.

Here's my conf:

I've got 2 maven 2 projects :

PA and PB
PA depends on PB.

PA pom file has a mail notifier for user1
PA pom file has a mail notifier for user2

PA has 2 api, one using PB api
PA has 2 junit tests, one for each api.

PB has 1 api and one junit test.

All of them are on continuum control.

Now I make an evolution on PB that breaks PA junit test based on PB
api, but doesn't break the PB junit test.

After I commit PB in SCM.

Continuum build B, and A.

build B is^ok
build A is ko, and a mail is sent to user1.

That's fine.

I've got there 2 pbs:
Pb 1 : No info is given to user1 to tell him that PA was built because
of change on B.
Pb 2 : user2 isn't notify that PA build is ko

For Pb1 : is-there a configuration for that ?
For Pb2 : I can add user2 in continuum console for PA or in PA pom
file, is there another solution ?


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