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From Jared Blitzstein <>
Subject Can continuum dynamically update the version number in an m2 pom?
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2007 18:06:33 GMT
I have a few apps that I build using maven2 as part of a sweet and  
they all have the same version number of 4.8.x (  
right now. When building with maven2 by hand, the pom has  
<version>4.8.${buildVersion}</version>  and when I call the goal of  
war:exploded I pass in -DbuildVersion=5 so this results in a build of  
version 4.8.5. However continuum does not like this because it's  
literally outputting "4.8.${builderVersion}" if I pass in - 
DbuildVersion=5 as an argument in the build definition.

Is the preferred method to update the pom file for every single  
build? This could get pretty tedious having to change CVS controlled  
files just to build. Is there a simpler way that I can define the  
"version" in continuum and have the pom pick it up for the build?

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