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From "Johan Iskandar" <>
Subject RE: Maven2 release process in Continuum
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2007 08:23:53 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jesse McConnell []
> ah, I basically see what your problem is...
> that is what the whole SNAPSHOT concept addresses...
> where you are saying a project would only care about 1.2.3 and not the
> build numbers..that is functionally saying that its really only caring
> about 1.2.3-SNAPSHOT.  you can't just say 1.2.3 since that is a
> _release_ setting 1.2.3 as a version of a dependency
> means that in a repository you should have a version 1.2.3 that is
>, ain't going to change _ever_.

I think this assumption is there because maven tries to be flexible in
terms of how many dots in a version
Which I think this should not be the case if it's standardized to just
only 3 dots.. w.x.y.z

Am I guessing right?

If there were only 3 dots then when we state 1.2.3 we mean 1.2.3.x or
the current way maven uses the -SNAPSHOT in 1.2.3-SNAPSHOT

please cmiiw

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