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From "Aaron Zeckoski" <>
Subject Maven2 POM Continuum configuration
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2007 08:34:29 GMT
I am trying to find the docs that describe how to setup the continuum
configuration in a maven2 pom correctly. Right now I have the
following in my pom (using maven 2.0.7):


However, this results in Continuum 1.0.3 setting up the notifcation
(as picked up from the pom) as follows:
Type  	Recipient  	Events  	From  	
Mail 		Success Failures Error Warnings Project 	
(basically the recipient field is blank and the events have all selected)

What I really want is the configuration we use when we manually set this up:
Type  	Recipient  	Events  	From
Mail  	 Success Failures  	 User
(i.e. my email address and only 2 events selected)

Is there any way I can Continuum to do this from the ciManagement tag?
(pointer to docs would be great)

Aaron Zeckoski (
Senior Research Engineer - CARET - Cambridge University
Sakai Fellow - []

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