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From Robert Ribnitz <>
Subject A first glimpse at Continuum 1.1 Alpha 2
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2007 13:07:32 GMT
Hello List,

I have just started to use Continuum, for automatic builds. The setting
is as follows:

- Projects are checked out of cvs.
- There are ant-based build scripts that are run to build the projects.

Here are some observations

- If continuum does the checkout building a single project with no
depends works fine.
- If the ant script does the checkout, it does not work. Our projects
assume a hierarchy of projects like A B C D. project A might check out
(cvs checkout) B C and D (which are located one level up. From A's
perspective in ../B , ../C, ../D. This does not seem to work.
- I can configure different projects, A, B, C, and D; but I see no way
to tell continuum that they are actually interdependent. This might also
be solvable by setting a common working directory to multiple projects

- Is it possible to set the path to ant, and to java; allowing for
different options for ant and java (probably very common: JDK
class/source compatibility; memory settings).

- Configuration on what "artifacts" become available at which paths

Other than that, the UI and general makeup look very good


Robert Ribnitz

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