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From Otto Kolsi <>
Subject Re: System time problem in Solaris 10 environment (Ant + Continuum)
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2007 08:04:48 GMT
LAMY Olivier wrote:
> Related to this one ? 
> Can you attached to this a simple ant test project ?

It looks similar, but I'n not exactly sure. We've only used Ant builds
so far, I'm not familiar with Maven. And I'm not sure how much I can
test within our production environment.

> Does your .profile contains some settings related to TZ and/or LC_ ?

No, none.

> Maybe, it's related to the CommandLine version of p-u which badly set
> envVars (I haven't tested this on the current trunk)

Sorry, I don't follow you here. What is p-u?

> Can you test with current continuum trunk ?

I already fetched source from SVN and just looked at it a bit. But I'm
not sure how easy it would be to set that up. I'll have to see (and be
carefull not to mess with our production system). I'll have to see if I 
have enough time to set up a separate environment for Continuum testing 

When looking at the source I think I saw that when command-line command 
is executed, it should log environment variables with 'debug' level. I 
haven't seen those variables in any logs with version 1.0.3.. maybe this 
has been added later on..?

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