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From "James Abley" <>
Subject Re: Maven2 release process in Continuum
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2007 12:34:05 GMT
On 19/07/07, Jesse McConnell <> wrote:
> are you making good use of dependencyManagement?  This should let you
> centralize the majority of actual version information and make it easy
> to release.

I hope so, but I have 2 months Maven experience, so there are
doubtless areas for improvement.

> as for speed of releasing I have released quite large multi module
> builds in a phased approach where I had to resolve snapshots between
> projects manually, 8-9 phases with 1-3 projects(sometimes maybe 10-20
> subprojects involved) in each phase being around 6 hours
> depending on if some weird niggling little issue cropped up or not.

I'm interpreting a sub-module here as being equivalent to one of our
artifacts. In that case, it sounds like me taking a day to release 17
of them is around the same speed as you are acheiving?

> I am personally not a huge fan of using continuum for releases myself,
> but it does work.
> If your interested in improving that support and making your life
> easier, then there isn't a reason you couldn't add a page into the
> release process that scanned all releasing projects and prompts the
> user to resolve dependency versions to resolved versions.  the page
> would then use maven scm to commit that updated pom.  In fact you
> could just add that kinda support as a project action in continuum,
> add a button that pops out to a page that lets you resolve snapshot
> dependencies without having put your fingers in the xml directly.

I've replied separately to Mykel's mail, but I don't think that this
stage that using Continuum for the release is the right approach for
us. I think I'm going back to using the maven-release-plugin directly.

> in my experience though, this is not an activity that you should be
> leaving for release day.  depending on your release plan, as early as
> several weeks before your actual release you should be resolving
> external snapshot dependencies to released versions...otherwise how
> are you sure you QA process is testing the right stuff for release?

QA, hmm, that could be me with a different hat on at the small company
where I work, but I take your point. To be honest, most of our
external dependencies are already on released versions and changes to
that are normally to upgrade to a later release, rather than to a
SNAPSHOT version.

> internal snapshot dependencies are resolved currently by the release
> process to be clear.

That's what causes the delay in releasing in my (very limited) experience.

> does that help?

Yes. I think I'll be pursuing any future line of questioning on the
maven-users list, of maven-release-plugin if there is one, since I
don't think we'll be using the functionality that Continuum provides
for this.

Thanks again.


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