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From "Jesse McConnell" <>
Subject [released] continuum-1.1-alpha-2
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 17:47:18 GMT
Highlights are:

* revamped xml-rpc support
* converted to use rebranded plexus-security, aka redback
* continuum maven plugin
* many bug fixes and ui improvements.

You can grab the latest release from:

Next up we are going to have another alpha release in a month, or
ideally a beta release that is feature complete for this version
around the beginning of July.

Anyway, below is the jira release notes for this release.

Release Notes - Continuum - Version 1.1-alpha-2

** Bug
   * [CONTINUUM-620] - Changes section in Continuum build result and
build e-mail only show blank columns and file names
   * [CONTINUUM-684] - Access to Continuum using XML-RPC is not authenticated.
   * [CONTINUUM-1229] -
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Invalid default
value for 'SCM_USE_CACHE'
   * [CONTINUUM-1269] - Recforing of the XMLRPC server, must be a
servlet on the same port used by the webapp instead of a specific port
   * [CONTINUUM-1275] - Project Group Name that contains only spaces
can be added.
   * [CONTINUUM-1276] - Error in editing the Project name using spaces only
   * [CONTINUUM-1282] -  Adding or editing a Project Build Definition
can accept spaces in pom file name
   * [CONTINUUM-1289] - Sorting Usernames in Build Management's
Project Group member list does not work in Firefox 2
   * [CONTINUUM-1290] - Project ID is not validated when adding a Project Group
   * [CONTINUUM-1292] - Error when clicking build icon in Project
Build Definitions summary
   * [CONTINUUM-1293] - Hitting 'Add' button repetitively in adding
an Ant, Shell and Schedule using empty string  only accumulates
validation prompts
   * [CONTINUUM-1294] - Adding a Schedule, Ant/ Shell Projects  can
accept spaces

** Improvement
   * [CONTINUUM-1035] - Dependent builds not triggered via XMLRPC
   * [CONTINUUM-1186] - Application should unpack to continuum-${version}
   * [CONTINUUM-1297] - update to redback from plexus-security

** New Feature
   * [CONTINUUM-683] - Implement a "ping" service that XML-RPC
clients can use to test connection.

** Task
   * [CONTINUUM-1242] - Update Continuum Model

jesse mcconnell

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