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From "Lee, Tim " <>
Subject CVS Local checkout
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2007 12:41:52 GMT

I'm using an Scm Url of : scm:local:<cvs-path>:<module> - when I run the build
I get the following output:

609392 [SocketListener0-1] INFO  org.apache.maven.continuum.Continuum  - Enqueuing 'test'
(Build definition id=1).
610460 [Thread-2] INFO  org.apache.maven.continuum.scm.ContinuumScm  - Checking out project:
'test', id: '1' to '<path>/continuum/../continuum_writable/apps/continuum/working-directory/1'.
610557 [Thread-2] INFO  org.apache.maven.scm.manager.ScmManager  - Checking out '<cvs-path>/<module>'
to '<path>/continuum/../continuum_writable/apps/continuum/working-directory/1'.
635518 [Thread-2] INFO  org.apache.maven.continuum.scm.ContinuumScm  - Checked out 754 files.

Note : Path & module names changed to protect the innocent :)

When I look at the working-directory/1 folder I see the CVS repository files ("build.xml,v"
for example) rather than the checked-out version I would normally expect "build.xml".  Is
this normal behaviour?  Because the shell script I'm attempting to invoke is failing.



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