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From "noban" <>
Subject Continuum + GoogleCode SVN + Maven2 problem
Date Sat, 16 Jun 2007 08:09:25 GMT

I've just wanted to setup my eclipse project located on in Continuum.
I'm new to build systems and maven as well, so I guess problem is trivial but I have no idea
where to dig for solution.

Continuum is installed and runned. My project is located at 
http://<proj-name> <proj-name>

it contains pom.xml file:

then I've added new Maven2 project into Coninuum:
firstly with SVN - like this:

name: <proj-name>
version: 1.0-SNAPSHOT
scm-url: scm:svn:http://<proj-name>
user: <user>
password: <passord>
branch/tag: blank

When I'm running build it results in error message like this:
jvm 1    | 2007-06-16 10:55:36,903 [SocketListener0-1] INFO  Continuum                   
  - Enqueuing '<proj-name>' (Build definition id=1).
jvm 1    | 2007-06-16 10:55:37,151 [Thread-2] INFO  ContinuumScm                   - Updating
project: id: '1', name '<proj-name>'.
jvm 1    | 2007-06-16 10:55:37,169 [Thread-2] INFO  ScmManager                     - Executing:
svn --non-interactive update
jvm 1    | 2007-06-16 10:55:37,169 [Thread-2] INFO  ScmManager                     - Working
directory: /home/<user>/works/dev/java/continuum/bin/linux/../../apps/continuum/working-directory/1
jvm 1    | 2007-06-16 10:55:45,908 [Thread-2] WARN  ContinuumScm                   - Error
while updating the code for project: '<proj-name>', id: '1' to '/home/<user>/works/dev/java/continuum/bin/linux/../../apps/continuum/working-directory/1'.
jvm 1    | 2007-06-16 10:55:45,908 [Thread-2] WARN  ContinuumScm                   - Command
output: svn: Can't open '.svn/tmp/tempfile.tmp': No such file or directory
jvm 1    | 
jvm 1    | 2007-06-16 10:55:45,908 [Thread-2] WARN  ContinuumScm                   - Provider
message: The svn command failed.

Actually I've created empty file withc such name in ....<prj-name>/.svn folder in my
local filesystem
but that did nothing, result is the same.

After that I've edited application.xml and uncommented line <allowedScheme>file</allowedScheme>
and pointed scmUrl to: scm:local:/home/<user>/works/dev/workspaces/e3.3M6:<proj-name>

this results in one successfull build, but only one as configuration seems doesn't saves and
old url is used in next build.

Well such a mess I have. I'm using continuum 1.0.3 under Ubuntu 7.04

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