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From "Julien Stern" <>
Subject Question regarding multimodule builds
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2007 12:42:31 GMT
Hi list,

I've recently been trying continuum and I encountered the following
problem with multi-module builds (with Maven 2):

I have essentially the following structure:

+- pom.xml (Parent POM)
+-+ Module 1
| |
| +- pom.xml
+-+ Module 2
  +- pom.xml

etc (with a lot of modules).

The parent POM contains all modules and all the module POMs
have the parent POM as a parent (e.g. Maven2 inheritance and

What seem to happen is the following:

1) I make a change in module number 47
2) The change in the SCM is detected at the parent level
3) The parent project is rebuilt
4) As a consequence, ALL my modules are rescheduled for rebuild

I though about putting the parent POM at the same level as the others,
1) it is less natural
2) I read on the list that this would lead to other problems, notably
   POM location problems (but maybe they are fixed ?)
3) I haven't found a way to deploy the various sites nicely in that setting.
   It seems that I would have to specify the <distributionManagement>
   in _every_ module in that case.

I believe that such a multimodule setting is quite common, and I would
be very interested in knowing how the various people on the list have
tackled the above problem.



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