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From "Shaun Barriball" <>
Subject RE: [released] continuum-1.1-alpha-2
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 08:42:24 GMT
Hi Jesse,
Can you confirm if this release improves the UI performance (I can’t see any specific release
notes relating to performance)?
If so, is there any easy upgrade path from 1.1 alpha 1?

-----Original Message-----
From: Jesse McConnell [] 
Sent: 04 June 2007 18:47
Subject: [released] continuum-1.1-alpha-2

Highlights are:

* revamped xml-rpc support
* converted to use rebranded plexus-security, aka redback
* continuum maven plugin
* many bug fixes and ui improvements.

You can grab the latest release from:

Next up we are going to have another alpha release in a month, or
ideally a beta release that is feature complete for this version
around the beginning of July.

Anyway, below is the jira release notes for this release.

Release Notes - Continuum - Version 1.1-alpha-2

** Bug
   * [CONTINUUM-620] - Changes section in Continuum build result and
build e-mail only show blank columns and file names
   * [CONTINUUM-684] - Access to Continuum using XML-RPC is not authenticated.
   * [CONTINUUM-1229] -
com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Invalid default
value for 'SCM_USE_CACHE'
   * [CONTINUUM-1269] - Recforing of the XMLRPC server, must be a
servlet on the same port used by the webapp instead of a specific port
   * [CONTINUUM-1275] - Project Group Name that contains only spaces
can be added.
   * [CONTINUUM-1276] - Error in editing the Project name using spaces only
   * [CONTINUUM-1282] -  Adding or editing a Project Build Definition
can accept spaces in pom file name
   * [CONTINUUM-1289] - Sorting Usernames in Build Management's
Project Group member list does not work in Firefox 2
   * [CONTINUUM-1290] - Project ID is not validated when adding a Project Group
   * [CONTINUUM-1292] - Error when clicking build icon in Project
Build Definitions summary
   * [CONTINUUM-1293] - Hitting 'Add' button repetitively in adding
an Ant, Shell and Schedule using empty string  only accumulates
validation prompts
   * [CONTINUUM-1294] - Adding a Schedule, Ant/ Shell Projects  can
accept spaces

** Improvement
   * [CONTINUUM-1035] - Dependent builds not triggered via XMLRPC
   * [CONTINUUM-1186] - Application should unpack to continuum-${version}
   * [CONTINUUM-1297] - update to redback from plexus-security

** New Feature
   * [CONTINUUM-683] - Implement a "ping" service that XML-RPC
clients can use to test connection.

** Task
   * [CONTINUUM-1242] - Update Continuum Model

jesse mcconnell

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