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From "Wendy Smoak" <>
Subject Continuum enhancement requests
Date Mon, 21 May 2007 00:56:44 GMT
I want to toss out some enhancement requests I got last week in a
meeting, and see if there is any feedback before I open issues.

1. The 'use cached credentials' checkbox should default to 'on'.  When
adding a project, we always want that box checked.  (I'd like to have
a configurable default for this.)

2. The ability to edit the scm userid/password and 'use cached
credentials' checkbox at the project group level.  See above... when
you forget to check the box when adding a project with 15 modules,
there's a lot of clicking to do to fix it.

3. Prepare for Release should have group-level fields.  Right now if
you don't like the defaults you have to change them for every module.
It would be nice to enter it once and have that take effect for all
the modules you're releasing.

4. The build logs for prepare and perform release should be accessible
after the fact.  Maybe in the list of build results?

5. Scheduled outages.  When you know your Subversion repo is going to
be down for maintenance, it would be nice to be able to tell Continuum
"don't run any scheduled builds from 8-10PM on Friday night."

6. Better handling of errors when svn is down.  Currently all the
builds go into an error state and will not recover on their own.  You
have to either force a build, or wait for a change to trigger another
build.  The actual request was for this kind of error to simply take
the project out of the schedule pending human intervention, to avoid
the hourly error emails.

Any thoughts on these?


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