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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Project build order for multiple Maven 2 projects - Alphabetical by Project Name?
Date Mon, 21 May 2007 10:17:46 GMT
Continuum build all maven projects in the order oof the dependencies tree AND if dependencies
between projects are circular, Continuum build projects in alphabetical order.
Continuum 1.0.3 build only dependecy that have some changes in SCM but not on dependency changes.

You can try Continuum 1.1, if a new build of a module is done by continuum, Continuum will
build dependent projects even if they don't have SCM changes.


Shaun Barriball a écrit :
> Hi all,
> We've been using Continuum (1.0.3) successfully as part of our automated
> build and deploy for 6 months or so.
> We have one big issue which I'd appreciate input on.
> We have a large software system with 15 or so separate Maven 2 projects
> (assume for simplicity Project A, Project B and Project C) which each have
> sub-modules. Assume the dependency tree is:
> A -> depends on C -> depends on B (for example). These dependencies are
> expressed using Maven 2 dependency hierarchy.
> The "Build All" function on Continuum appears to ignore any Maven 2
> dependency hierarchy and simply builds them in alphabetical order of the
> Project Name. This therefore builds the above example out of order - often
> resulting in build failures.
> * Should continuum 'understand' the dependency tree? I've read some material
> which implies this should potentially be the case
> (
> * If not, is there a way to organise the build order for "Build All" above
> and beyond altering the project names with "1.", "2." etc (which is
> obviously undesirable)?
> All help appreciated.
> Regards,
> Shaun.

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