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From Trygve Laugstøl <>
Subject Re: towards continuum 1.1 alpha 2
Date Mon, 14 May 2007 12:13:12 GMT
Jesse McConnell wrote:
> May 21 is fast approaching and that when I want to get the alpha-2
> release of continuum out.
> The advances we have made since alpha-1 are mostly in the area of a
> few more bug fixes, redback integration and shifting off of the
> plexus-security-rbac-profile artifact for role management to the
> different implementation of role management that has an easier api
> into client applications like continuum.

Will Emmanuel's XML-RPC work be included?

> load up continuum trunk and take a look the following url to see the
> roles and role templates and what operations they grant access to,
> etc.
> http://localhost:9090/security/roleModel.action
> (you will need to log in and manually visit this url atm)
> Also on continuum trunk at the moment is some work from emmanual with
> regard to the xmlrpc bits and pieces of continuum.  They are now authn
> an (increasing authz as its implemented) protected.  The clients are
> pretty simple and its looking pretty nice.
> anyway, that is a little update on things as they stand.

Thanks for keeping up.


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