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From "Shaun Barriball" <>
Subject Project build order for multiple Maven 2 projects - Alphabetical by Project Name?
Date Mon, 21 May 2007 09:41:26 GMT
Hi all,
We've been using Continuum (1.0.3) successfully as part of our automated
build and deploy for 6 months or so.
We have one big issue which I'd appreciate input on.

We have a large software system with 15 or so separate Maven 2 projects
(assume for simplicity Project A, Project B and Project C) which each have
sub-modules. Assume the dependency tree is:
A -> depends on C -> depends on B (for example). These dependencies are
expressed using Maven 2 dependency hierarchy.

The "Build All" function on Continuum appears to ignore any Maven 2
dependency hierarchy and simply builds them in alphabetical order of the
Project Name. This therefore builds the above example out of order - often
resulting in build failures.

* Should continuum 'understand' the dependency tree? I've read some material
which implies this should potentially be the case

* If not, is there a way to organise the build order for "Build All" above
and beyond altering the project names with "1.", "2." etc (which is
obviously undesirable)?

All help appreciated.

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