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From Ionut S <>
Subject Re: mvn site site:deploy problem
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2007 12:44:39 GMT
Yes, that's exactly what happens.

Probably I should address this question to the maven list ?

Nick Stolwijk <> wrote: I think I know what he means, as I have
seen the same.

It "thrashes" in case of a multimodule project.
If you have

It executes first for parent the goals (clean install site site:deploy), 
then child1 and then child2. So if one of your childs fails, you have 
half the new site and half the old site.

So it's more a mvn issue I guess. I don't know all the implications, but 
it would be nicer if the tree was walked for each goal. Thus clean 
parent, child1, child2, install parent, child1, child2, etc. Then it 
would only deploy the whole site, when the whole site can be generated.

With regards,

Nick S.

David Roussel wrote:
> Trashes it in what way?  Which files are missing?
> My understanding is that when you do site:deploy it just copies to file
> over, it doesn't delete from the target first.  But exactly how this
> works probably depends on how you have it configured.
> Do you get the same problem if you have:
>           website 
>           file:///C:\Program Files\Apache
>           Group\Apache2\htdocs\site
> What url are you currently using?
> David
> On Thu, 12 Apr 2007 06:41:49 -0700 (PDT), "Ionut S" 
> said:
>> Hi,
>> Not sure if my problem is related to mvn or continuum, so excuse me if
>> I'm wrong..
>> Anyway, we have a continuum site in place, which works fine in general.
>> There is one abnormal behaviour that made me write to this list though:
>> if the build fails (for any reason), the site gets trashed. This is
>> because the command we give:
>> mvn clean install site site:deploy
>> starts to copy the files for each project, without waiting for the whole
>> project to be built. This trashes the site and we can't see it unless we
>> fix the build.
>> Is there something we can do in order to fix this issue ?
>> Thank you !
>> Ionut
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