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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: build one project with different pom.xml's of maven2 -- organization in continuum?
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2007 12:34:13 GMT
We need to improve the UI to see build definitions results in the project list.
As I wrote on maven users list, if you add 3 project, you must use a different version for
each. Without it, continuum won't know the build order because each project will have the
same id 
(groupId/artifactId/version) and this can generate some weird result.

I know actually it's possible to add projects with the same id, but it isn't good and we won't
allow it in future.


Martin M a écrit :
> Hi Emmanuel,
> if I use three different build-definitions, I won't see, which
> build-definition had which result at the first glance, when I log-in to
> Continuum.
> I only see one project with a result, but I don't see, that a certain kind
> of build failed. As I'm interested to know, which build failed or passed, I
> have to add three pom's.
> Regards,
> Martin
> Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
>> It isn't a good idea to add 3 pom for the same project.
>> The best way is to create 3 profiles and choose one of them in each build
>> definitions.
>> Emmanuel
>> Martin M a écrit :
>>> Hi all,
>>> I'm interested in solutions, how you would solve following situation?
>>> I want to build a Maven 2.0 project but have three different pom.xml's
>>> for
>>> that.
>>> These files are:
>>>   1.) full build, including build and integration testing
>>>   2.) full build without integration testing
>>>   3.) start integration testing only, no build
>>> How should I add those project to continuum?
>>> I added each of those three pom.xml's as three different projects to
>>> continuum, because I want to see all three projects and I want to be able
>>> to
>>> start each of those projects standalone.
>>> It's also possible to add one pom.xml with three different profiles and
>>> add
>>> three different build-definitions to the according project.
>>> Is there a better way?
>>> Thanks in advance!
>>> Regards,
>>>  Martin

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