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From Chris Russell <>
Subject Re: Problems adding Maven2 project through URL
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2007 15:07:52 GMT
Hi Roland,

I never could get it to pull from SVN 
(svn:// My 
workaround was to create a similar directory structure on the same linux 
box as Continuum, and upload the POM's there (but it doesn't have to be 
the same machine).  I created this new set of directories under the http 
root area for apache (i.e. apache/htdocs). Then I could give Continuum a 
url like this: and it would 
then pull in my project and sub-projects. I realize that you didn't 
install apache.

To make things easier, I also created a shell script to do the copying 
of my POM files from their checkout location to the htdocs directory as 
I was always making some kind of change.

I'm new to Continuum, so I hope that there's a better way to do this.


Roland Klein wrote:
> What i forgot
> releasing the project with Maven from the command line works fine.
> Also accessing the subversion repository with "svn ls 
> svn://<host>/<project>/trunk" works.
> But there is no http access, because i am to lazy to install apache 
> with svn_mod to acess subversion  when it is working with svn://
> Thanks
> Roland
> Roland Klein schrieb:
>> Hi All,
>> i'm having trouble to add a project with modules to Continuum 
>> providing an URL.
>> i tried following URL's:
>> scm:svn:svn://<host>/<project>/trunk/pom.xml
>> svn:svn://<host>/<project>/trunk/pom.xml
>> svn://<host>/<project>/trunk/pom.xml
>> scm:svn:svn://<host>/<project>/trunk
>> svn:svn://<host>/<project>/trunk
>> svn://<host>/<project>/trunk
>> in each case i got the error "[ You must provide a valid url ]"
>> First i searched the mailing list and found some older posts like 
>> following:
>> In this post Emmanuel Venisse stated, that the scm through the svn 
>> protocol will be supported in a future version, ok this post is from 
>> Feb 24, 2006, so maybe obsolet.
>> Then i found this from Feb 19,2007
>> there Emmanuel refer to the Maven 2 URL format definition 
>> (
>> So my questions are, do i have to specify the filename pom.xml in the 
>> URL?
>> Should i build Continuum from HEAD, to get latest version, and in 
>> this latest version is the svn protocol supported?
>> My env:
>> - Windows 2000
>> - Maven 2.0.4
>> - Continuum 1.0.3
>> Thanks in advance
>> Roland

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