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From David Leangen <>
Subject Best place to put deployment hook
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2007 01:17:15 GMT


I am wondering what the intended procedure is, or the best practice, or
whatever, for inserting a deployment hook.

Are there hooks in Continuum itself, such as "do this if build
successful, do this otherwise"?

Or should I be creating maven plugins for such cases?

Or, more specifically...

In this particular case, I simply want to (1) clean out my local cache
to ensure the build is "clean" (which is not done during a "normal"
build), (2) run integration tests (which are also not run during a
"normal" build) and finally, 

 a. if the build is successful, deploy to a staging server

 b. otherwise send out "special" notifications to the appropriate

I am working on (1) and (2) by using build profiles.

Can somebody tell me, in their experience with Continuum, the best way
to approach (a) and (b)?

Thank you!

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