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From kentlam <>
Subject RE: Nightly schedule not working
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 17:36:58 GMT

But the really strange thing is that 'sometimes' the night schedule
'site-deploy deploy' would work or at least I remember it had worked before,
it would be able to see the changes for the whole day and run the build.  I
can't really pinpoint what causes it not to work all of a sudden, I am
guessing that whenever I do a forced build after checking in code, it would
not run the nightly build anymore.  When are they going to release a new
version of continuum? It has been 1.0.3 for more than a year now, it is a
good product but it has so many bugs that it gets annoying after awhile. 

Hendrikse Z. (Zeger) wrote:
> Hi,
>> I have setup a Maven 2 multiproject in Continuum and created 
>> 2 goals for the
>> project, one goal is 'clean install' which runs on the 
>> default schedule on
>> an hourly basis, the other goal is 'site-deploy deploy' which run on a
>> nightly schedule at 10 pm each night.  The problem is when 
>> code are checked
>> in, the 'clean install' goal executes correctly every hour, 
>> but the night
>> schedule doesn't get executed, so it is not doing the 
>> 'site-deploy deploy'
>> at night, it seems this only happens to mulitprojects, I 
>> didn't have this
>> problem if it is a single project, has anyone experience this 
>> problem also?
>> thanks.
> Yes, *exactly* the problem we stumbled upon as well!
> This is because at the time the site must be built, 
> there are no more changes compared to the version in CVS, 
> and Continuum only builds if changes are found. Of course, 
> at 10pm all changes have already been processed by the 
> default schedule running on an hourly basis!
> What we would like is a scheduled forced build.
> However, Continuum 1.0.3 does not support this.
> We wrote a small stand-alone Java application which 
> simulates the button press of the forced build using
> commons-httpclient, but this remains an ugly hack of course!
> Kind regards,
> Zeger Hendrikse. 
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