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From Ronald Pieterse <>
Subject Re: list of symbolic links to your actual CVS modules
Date Fri, 23 Feb 2007 10:38:41 GMT
We use subversion and we have structured the modules as separate 
projects. This was, according to our development environment manager 
:-), necessary for good working with eclipse.
However when I create the parent project in continuum the submodules are 
also created (as they should) but the module names are changed into 
numbers. So the reference in the parent pom does not correspond anymore 
and the modules can not be found.

Emmanuel Venisse wrote:
> How are they organized in your CVS?
> Ronald Pieterse a écrit :
>> Hello.
>> I have a problem building my Maven 2 submodules in Continuum. My 
>> parent module is at the same level as my submodules (for easy IDE 
>> support reasons) and building locally goes fine. But when I try to 
>> build on the build server the module folder names are changed into 
>> numbers so the module references in the parent pom don't match any more.
>> I read something in the faq about this but I don't understand how to 
>> do this:
>> 'Keep the structure and create a new module that contains a parent 
>> POM and a list of symbolic links to your actual CVS modules'
>> I alreadyhave a parent module which holds the references to the 
>> submodules like so:
>>    <modules>
>>        <module>../common</module>
>>        <module>../persistence</module>
>>        <module>../business</module>
>>        <module>../web</module>
>>        <module>../bounce</module>
>>        <module>../webcommon</module>
>>        <module>../publicweb</module>
>>        <module>../partnerweb</module>
>>        <module>../shared</module>
>>        <module>../client</module>
>>    </modules>
>> How would I create a 'list of symbolic links '?
>> Ronald

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