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From Chris Russell <>
Subject Sub-projects getting added twice
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 23:12:27 GMT

I have a pom that contains 4 other projects (poms). I have deleted and 
re-added this main project several times as I'm getting things just 
right. Most of the time everything works great. On two of those 
installs, one of my subprojects (the same one) was added twice.

Any idea why, or how I could get rid of it once the extra copy is there? 
When I try to hit 'delete' I get a sql error stating that it can't find 
the entry in the DB.
It's as if the DB doesn't know about this project, but the UI does. 
Anyone know where the UI gets its list of Maven 2.x projects?

Thanks in advance,

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