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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Need help! How do app server based intergration test ?
Date Fri, 02 Feb 2007 08:35:23 GMT
You can't run integration tests with jetty:run. This goal start only your webapp in a jetty
server but do nothing, it wait user interaction.

If you want to automateweb integration tests, you can run your webapp with the cargo plugin,
and run your tests with selenium.
We have a mojo for selenium in the Mojo svn but not documented yet and the conf isn't very
easy. We use them for our continuum ui tests :


Jasspier a écrit :
> hi there,
>       I'm new in,i have set up my continuum server and add  a maven2
> project in it,it's cool while building and doing some junit test ,but i  
> got
> some problem while doing intergration test ,because i dont know how deploy
> the web server and deply the project while continuum building .
>      I usually use jetty:run in eclipse then do some manual intergration
> test.I've tried add a task with goal like this "jetty:run test",as a result
> jetty started successfully but nothing test executed.Also i tried seperated
> jetty:run and test as 2 task in continuum, but jetty task never end so test
> task does not started .I dont know how to solve the problem,though i think
> intergration test base app server is a basic function for continuum..
>      I'm sorry for my pool English,generally speaking ,I need some help for
> Application server based intergration test with Continuum ...any helpfull
> advice is welcome...
>      With my regrads...

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