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From "Morgovsky, Alexander \(US - Glen Mills\)" <>
Subject RE: Settings.xml not being recognized by Continuum
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 03:03:38 GMT
Hi.  I am running Continuum as a service.  I put in active profile into
the settings.xml.  I put this into ~/.m2/settings.xml, maven_home/conf,
but no success.  How else can I start Continuum and have this work?
Please help.

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From: Jo Vandermeeren [] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 6:11 PM
Subject: Re: Settings.xml not being recognized by Continuum

Hi Alexander,

When continuum runs maven, maven will look for its settings.xml file in
maven directory of the user that has started the continuum process

Define your profile in settings.xml and specify activation:


Then define the property when you specify the command that continuum
call: "mvn -Dfoo=true deploy"..

If you want the profile to be active all the time, activate it in the
settings.xml file.



On 2/28/07, Morgovsky, Alexander (US - Glen Mills)
> I have a profile called <dev-mine> which contains version specific
> information and scm specific information which needs to be loaded
> adding the Maven 2 Project POM.  How can I add the project and pass
> name of the profile with -P dev-mine to be read from the settings.xml
> file?  Also, where should I place the settings.xml file for Continuum
> read it?  Thanks.
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