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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Continuum 1.1 questions
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2007 21:52:33 GMT a écrit :
> 1. Is there any place to download continuum prebuilt 1.1 snapshot ??

> 2. Is 1.1 version is gonna have User - Project level acees ??
>      Means
>         Lets say we have project a,b,c,d and user user 1,2,3
>         is continuum-1.1 allows me configure user 3 to have access to 
> project a & c only, so when user 3 logs in he will have only option to 
> build project a & c ?

It isn't a project level access but a project group level access. It's similar but depends
how many projects you put in the group.
And on each project group, you can configure if the user have no rights, reader rights (only
browsing rights but can't build, delete...) or all rights

> Are we gonna have access like that in new continuum, coz i'm almost ready 
> to rollout continuum with maven for our company, but would like to have 
> this kinda access other wise i would like to use luntbuild which is 
> already providing those kinda of features, Pleas help
> Thanks,
> Raghurajan Gurunathan
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