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From Bob Arnott <>
Subject Problems with Continuum and Perforce
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2007 11:55:25 GMT

I just installed Continuum yesterday and added to two Ant projects, both of
which are build with the default hourly schedule. The problem I have is that
it's not picking up the fact that nothing has changed in P4 and is building
every hour when it shouldn't be.

My two projects live next to each other in P4:


When either project is built with the schedule, the results for the build
show the entire contents of both projects as changes since the last build.
The working copy on disk has the right files though, so the build is
successful even though it should have been run as nothing has actually changed.

Has anyone else seen this with Continuum and P4...? This problem sort of makes
using Continuum pointless if it wont detect only the files that have changed
under the SCM URL.


Bob Arnott

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