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From "B. De Mezzo" <>
Subject Re: root project path property
Date Tue, 02 Jan 2007 15:24:49 GMT
B. De Mezzo a écrit :
> hello,
> I am looking for a property to pass througth maven to get the absolute 
> path location of the current build working directory. Does it exist ? 
> If not, have you got an idea to get this piece of information ?
> Thx,
> BDM.
 - ${basedir} is not a good solution because it changes for each project 
in multi-module project.
 - And when I use a piece of ant code within maven (in some 
<configuration><task>...</task></configuration>), the modification,
have done onto an ant-style property, is not visible back in maven.
 - Using profiles to set a property according to an existing file or an 
existing property (to do distinction between root project and module 
project levels) does not work too ...

I am becoming disappointed ...


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