I just downloaded Continuum yesterday (v1.0.3) and have gotten it up and running on Windows 2003 server.  I am using a Maven2 project with Continuum and getting mixed results – i.e. sometimes it runs farther down the line than other times. 


The project I’m using works fine on a development machine, compiles, gets dependencies and all that fun stuff but on Continuum, sometimes it cannot get dependencies (which I can see are in the local repository) and other times it will download the dependencies, using –U, when it executes ‘clean’ but then says it cannot find the dependency it just downloaded when it runs ‘package’ or ‘site’ goals.  If it was a simple case of the something not running, one particular goal, then I could understand but it fails at different parts of the process for each build run… sometimes it runs 10 seconds and other times 10 minutes.


To me, I would think this to be a Maven2 problem (pom is wrong) but the project builds fine with Maven2 outside of Continuum so I thought this support list was the most appropriate.



Note:  Using Java 1.5 JDK with default profile/schedule on Continuum and did not use a URL to define the project; I uploaded the pom file.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.