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From "Hilco Wijbenga" <>
Subject Re: Building Continuum - Minimal Actions?
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2006 16:50:19 GMT
On 12/22/06, Jesse McConnell <> wrote:
> if you are running with the continuum-plexus-runtime then your only
> interaction with the jsps is through the continuum-webapp
> artifact...which would need to be regenerated and then reloaded in the
> runtime.

Yes, that all makes sense; that's what I was expecting.

> Your only option here would be an underhanded modification
> of the jsps where they are unpacked and then cut and paste them back
> into the jsp's in the webapp for longer lasting changes...*icky*

Ouch! So there's no way to have the c-p-r reload the WAR? Even if it
means restarting the c-p-r?

> mvn jetty:run  <- in continuum-webapp

Yes, I know about this (it's what I tried first, several days ago) but
as you mentioned this is broken.

Last night while working on adding a new page to Continuum I noticed
that things now suddenly worked (after mvn clean install in the
Continuum root) that didn't work before when I was just rebuilding and
redeploying the WAR (in JBoss). (I'm new to WebWork so I've had to do
a lot of trial and error.)

I find this all a bit scary, the build appears rather fragile? I had
expected the exact opposite because from what little time I have spent
with Continuum it seems to be designed quite cleanly. Or is it just
me? Maybe I'm doing weird things? All I did was add a new JSP... :-(


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