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From "Hilco Wijbenga" <>
Subject Building Continuum - Minimal Actions?
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2006 04:53:14 GMT

Just to reassure everyone: Continuum is building just fine. :-)

My problem is that the only way I seem to be able to get changes in
for example a JSP in continuum-webapp to actually show up in a browser
(when using continuum-plexus-runtime) is when I run mvn clean install
from the continuum root. Not only is this quite slow but I also lose
my Derby database. :-( (For the record: running just mvn install [so
no clean] doesn't do the trick.)

Surely, there is a faster way to propagate a change in
continuum-webapp? When one uses Jetty/Tomcat/JBoss all one has to do
is rebuild continuum-webapp (mvn install) and redeploy the generated
WAR. (Deploying a WAR isn't particularly fast either so I'd like to
use continuum-plexus-runtime.)

I tried running mvn install (with and without clean) in
continuum-plexus-runtime and continuum-plexus-application but that
doesn't seem to accomplish anything. :-(

So after I make a change in continuum-webapp, what's the minimum I
need to do to allow continuum-plexus-runtime to run the new webapp?


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