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From "Randall Fidler" <>
Subject Newbie Question
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 21:33:02 GMT


            I just downloaded Continuum yesterday (v1.0.3) and have gotten
it up and running on Windows 2003 server.  I am using a Maven2 project with
Continuum and getting mixed results - i.e. sometimes it runs farther down
the line than other times.  


The project I'm using works fine on a development machine, compiles, gets
dependencies and all that fun stuff but on Continuum, sometimes it cannot
get dependencies (which I can see are in the local repository) and other
times it will download the dependencies, using -U, when it executes 'clean'
but then says it cannot find the dependency it just downloaded when it runs
'package' or 'site' goals.  If it was a simple case of the something not
running, one particular goal, then I could understand but it fails at
different parts of the process for each build run. sometimes it runs 10
seconds and other times 10 minutes.


To me, I would think this to be a Maven2 problem (pom is wrong) but the
project builds fine with Maven2 outside of Continuum so I thought this
support list was the most appropriate.



Note:  Using Java 1.5 JDK with default profile/schedule on Continuum and did
not use a URL to define the project; I uploaded the pom file.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.




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