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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject SCM integration issue with deleted files
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2006 10:42:39 GMT
I keep seeing a problem with continuum when a developer deletes a file.

Sometimes but not always continuum fails to delete the file from its 
working directory. Then at some point soon afterwards, that deleted 
class file will no longer compile, so the build fails and I receive a 

What is the best procedure to deal with this? Must I hunt down the 
deleted files and manually delete them?

In a rush this morning, I deleted everything in /working-dir/ with rm -rf *

Continuum did not like it. When I launched the build, it stopped 
immediately with:


I had to restart continuum, and then the first build attempt died badly 
with this:

Cannot checkout sources.

but on the second attempt it behaved OK. Why is the working-dir so 
important? Can't continuum detect that it needs to check out the sources 
again? Is there a better way to delete all the sources without causing 
this mess?


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