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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Build on success, fail, error
Date Thu, 02 Nov 2006 15:05:11 GMT
You're correct :)


Jorge Gallardo a écrit :
> Hi to everyone again
> I ve been looking the continuum source code to understand how project 
> states
> are considered. I found some classes that describe the building process and
> I want to share my analysis because I need to know if I m going to the
> correct direction.
> ContinuumProjectState class describes possible project states
> DefaultBuildController class in the core module has a build method that 
> have
> all the main logic of the process. As i see, the only state considered is
> the FAIL state, so I understand that it is used when Continuum couldn't
> download the sources or other things that doesn't have any control over,
> like the problem i have, the svn server goes down.
> Then, if everything is OK, the logic references another class, named
> ExecuteBuilderContinuumAction, which is in charge of executing the build of
> the project. Here are considered the FAIL and SUCCESS states.
> So, returning to the original problem, If I assign ERROR notification to
> project leaders, they will be the only advised of the problem, and the 
> other
> part of the team will not be "mail bombed", every 5-10 minutes.
> So, can someone tell me if I m correct ?

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